Luxury CBD Infused Candle 220g

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Wind down at the end of a long day with our luxury infused CBD candles. Available in two intoxicating scents, you will be whisked away on a sensory journey from the moment you light that wick.

Awaken your senses and upgrade your self-care routine with our luxury CBD infused aromatherapy candles. Each candle is infused with 1000 mg of CBD isolate. While not absorbed into the skin, CBD candles can help you to unwind and relax at the end of the day. Our soya mineral wax candles are the perfect addiction to your home. 

Choose from two enchanting scents to awaken your senses and enjoy a moment of pure indulgence. Black cherry is a sophisticated and sumptuous scent that will evoke visions of a warm summer evening. Lime, basil and mandarin is a bright and uplifting scent that is reminiscent of cocktail hour. 

Your sense of smell is linked to the central nervous system and the limbic system, which is responsible for mood and emotions. Scent has the power to whisk us away and evoke powerful memories.

Each candle is beautifully packaged in our signature VUDU matte black and gold packaging, with a luxurious candle lid to protect your candle when not in use. This would be the ideal gift for someone with impeccable taste.

Available in 220g

Ingredients: Blend of Soya Mineral Wax, Black Cherry Fragrance Oil
1,000mg CBD Isolate

Burn Time Approx: 40hrs

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