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Amethyst Crystal
& Gold pendant

Crystals are truly one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations and our Amethyst cluster is no exception.
Amethyst has an amazing amount of spiritual properties to help calm the mind, find Inner Peace, and balance emotions.

Our Crystal Cluster pendants come with a 70cm 18k gold plated chain encased in gold foil.

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£30.00 Inc VAT

Amethyst Crystal
Amethyst Crystal

About Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone of February and is believed to strengthen bonds within relationships and gives its wearer courage. This vibrant purple stone that can have many different variations to its tone stands out on any item of jewellery, capturing the attention of those around you.
In ancient Greece, it was believed that Amethyst would protect against intoxication and comes from the word Amethystos the Greek word for sober. So, there you have it. Not only are our crystals amazing, but you also got to learn something today.

These crystal necklaces are also a great gift idea for your loved ones as they protect against negative thoughts.

Many of our customers enjoy charging their Amethyst in the moonlight, aligning them with the moon’s energy as it passes by wherever you may be.

What makes each piece unique?

Amethyst crystals are formed over thousands of years to produce the most amazing patterns and structures. No two crystals are ever the same, making them unique in every way, and we love them for that.

Each pendant may vary in shape and size due to the process in which they are formed. However, we know you will love them as much as we do. After all, we are a little different, aren’t we? And that’s what makes us great.

Amethyst Crystal


VUDU LIFE™ is a creation of luxury, magic, eccentricity and a higher power, all bonded together to produce one of the most stylish Health and wellness Brands. Incorporating our love of crystals.

Our products are designed to enhance your day-to-day journey.

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Amethyst Crystal

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Why Our Amethyst Crystals

Raw Amethyst Crystal cluster necklace that has been Beautifully wrapped in a liquid gold foil and a delicate gold-plated chain.
Amethyst is known for its unique properties, including stress reduction, creating tranquillity, calm and reducing negativity, helping to stimulate the mind, and improving memory and motivation.

Crystals have for thousands of years captured humans’ attention for the reason that they are so mesmerizing to look at and hold, Amethyst is no exception and it is said that these crystals have incredible properties such as: 

Improving the balance of our immune system and skin

Reducing headaches



Balance emotions

Calming a person's mind & Anxiety

Promoting good digestive health and helping to regulate hormones.

Working with our endocrine function.

Client Testimonials

“I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with my purchase from VUDU, their website is so cool to use and the delivery was fantastic. Will certainly be buying from them again.”
“In love with my order from you, thank you so much for the speedy delivery. Both my Crystal necklace and the balm I brought are such good quality and I love the packaging just as much.”
Wear these stunning pendants around your neck, but be prepared for the number of comments you will receive, then place them by the side of your bed at night to help achieve a fantastic night’s sleep.